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Franklin High School
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FHS MCJROTC  pulls off a razor thin victory at the 2020 Chesapeake High School Drill Competition.

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In stiff competition FHS MCJROTC managed a narrow win over Chesapeake & Northeast High Schools to bring home the overall title and first place in Varsity Armed & Unarmed Platoon at the 2020 Chesapeake High School Drill Competition on  Feb 8th.  Congratulations on a hard fought victory.



FHS Drill Team Strikes Again
By Cadet Sgt Simone Tillman

The Franklin High School Drill Team is no stranger to harsh competition and close-call battles. But, at the 2020 Chesapeake Drill Competition, the fight for first place was closer than it’s ever been before. With only three schools competing, Chesapeake, Northeast, and Franklin, the competition was no longer about placing, but being the number one victor overall. Of course, while the team gets to bask in the glory of the victories, there are a number of people behind the scenes that truly make these wins possible.

The Chesapeake Drill Competition was purely for glory. It was no secret that each school competing would place. How they’d place however, was the real question. With immense practice and hard work, Franklin High was able to strike again, winning first place overall for the second time this season. Notwithstanding, it was an incredibly tight race and Franklin did not place first in every category. The first-place trophies were scattered all across the board, with mostly Northeast and Franklin taking home the gold. By the end of the competition no one was completely sure who had won, with the scores being so tight. Northeast had won first place for both color guard and inspection, while Franklin won first for both unarmed and armed platoons. These were all high-scoring categories when it came to the final score, but Franklin still seemed to end up on top.

How was this seemingly impossible victory obtained? The obvious answers would be the daily practices before school, or the dedication of hardworking drill team members and staff. But in reality, this win was in part due to the non-drill team members who took the time to come along on  the

trip and help out. Cadets like Elijah Blackman, Christopher Wheeler, and Karon Brown are the unsung heroes of Franklin High’s Drill Team. Not only did they wake up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning for a competition they wouldn’t even compete in, but they were the liveliest out of all. The extra hands on deck were incredibly useful and became quite the necessity when things got chaotic. They had such a great time that Cadet Blackman left saying he’d be at the next drill practice ready to join the team. Without the immense help from the non-drill team cadets and the FHS Drill Boosters, there’s no telling where the drill team would be today. With regionals around the corner, there’s no stopping for the team anytime soon. But why would they stop? A family as tight as this one will reach every goal they strive for. And they’ll either reach it together or not reach it at all.