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Benefits of MCJROTC Participation

"The effects of the Marine Corps JROTC program reach far beyond the classroom and into the community in developing character, leadership, and civic responsibility in tens of thousands of America's kids. Marine Corps JROTC at its essence is a character education program. The program keeps kids in school, helps them find their way during the turbulent teenage years, and assists them in becoming productive members of their community. Our program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship. We are rightfully proud of our contribution to America's future and thankful for the dedicated instructors, staff, school administrators, and communities whose hard work and commitment make the program's success possible."​


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Marine Corps History

21 February 1991: VMA-331 conducted the first combat missions for AV-8B, operating from the helicopter assault ship USS Nassau, LHA-4.

22 February 1732: George Washington's Birthday.

22 February 1943: The 3rd Raider Battalion consolidated positions on Pavuvu Island.

23 February 1945: Five Marines and a Navy corpsman raised the American flag on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima.

24 February 1991: The I Marine Expeditionary Force and coalition forces began a ground assault on Iraqi defenses in the final chapter of Operation Desert Storm. The 1st and 2d Marine Divisions stormed into the teeth of Iraqi defenses while heavily armored allied forces attacked the Iraqi defenses in Iraq from behind. In 100 hours, U.S. and allied forces defeated the Iraqi Army.

25 February 1861: The Confederate Marine Corps was organized in Richmond, Virginia.

26 February 1919: The 15th Marine Regiment landed to help quell bandits in the Dominican Republic.

26 February 1991: A Marine recon unit was the first U.S. force to enter Kuwait City and retake the American Embassy.

27 February 1991: Desert Storm offensive operations ceased. Marines captured or damaged 1,060 tanks, 608 APCs, 432 artillery pieces and two Scud launchers during 100 hours of combat.




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