Command Philosophy

1.  The mission of Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer training Corps (MCJROTC)  is:  To develop honorable, courageous, character driven young adults who possess the attributes of personal responsibility and accountability in order to become model citizens in service to the United States.

2.  My philosophy for Franklin High School MCJROTC program is directly aligned with the MCJROTC mission.  We will accomplish this through three key components:
















J. L. Kappen                 

Sergeant Major (Ret)

A.  Adhering to the Marine Corps Core values.

 (1) Honor

 (2) Courage

 (3) Commitment

(1) in yourself 

(2) in your MCJROTC program 

(3) in your school 

(4) in your community

B.  Pride
C.  Setting the Example

(1) Do what is right even when no one is watching.

(2) Inspire those around you through positive action and attitude.

(3) Treating others with courtesy and respect.

3.  Bottom line, I want the MCJROTC program to graduate confident, respectful students who are prepared to take the next step in their lives.